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My Favorite Smart Watches that Encourage my Kids to be Active and Helpful!

As much as I try to keep my kids off of technology, I found a watch that has helped me to encourage them to get their steps in each day, and even help around the house!

I’m not paid in any way for this, this is just a recommendation from parent to parent! Great idea for the holiday season too!

Its the Vivofit junior watch.

One of the best features is that you never have to charge them, the battery lasts about a year and you can buy a replacement battery when it dies. We did for my son and it still works great after lots of bumps, swimming and running around.

It’s waterproof too, so they essentially never have to take it off and mine don’t. The band is comfortable enough for them not to notice it.

You can get a goal in the included parent app for steps and also assign daily chores on the list. The fun part for them is that when you hit the check-mark in the app, their watch vibrates and a coin does into the piggy bank on the screen.

My kids have been motivated by this and are happy to trade in their 10 points in the app for a dollar. Each week they save 5$, since we take weekends off!

There are different themes depending on what your little one is into, and when they reach the GOAL steps on their watch or 60 minutes of exercise they get moves in a game on the phone. They move along a map in the game and have different reward activities that are fun, and quick so they are not glued to the phone.


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