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Indoor Photo Scavenger Hunt for Kids!

Stuck in the house? I’ve got a great project for you and the kids! I have never met a child who doesn’t love taking photos. My kids love using our old point and shoot cameras from back in the day where Smartphones weren’t the go to for photos.

On rainy days I love giving my kids a chance to get creative with shots. At first it was all about the time – trying to get all the items photographed on the list as quick as possible. Then the next time it was getting all the photos in focus. Now we’ve moved into who can be the most creative and create the best composition.

There are lots of way to get creative by switching up the goal or the items being photographed!

After your kids complete the project, surprise them by PRINTING their images! They can help you make a scrapbook, choose to frame their favorite ones or you could even put together a cool collage.

If you’d like a scavenger hunt great for kids starting as early as 4 years old, fill out the form below and I’ll email the printable PDF right to your inbox!

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